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5 Star Land Umrah Packages


Land Umrah Packages


Hajar 5 Star Land Umrah Package (05 Nights)

5 Nights | $690

Hajar 5 Star Land Umrah Package (07 Nights)

7 Nights | $790

Hajar 5 Star Land Umrah Package (10 Nights)

10 Nights | $990
Hajar 5 Star

Luxury Land Umrah Packages


5 Star Luxury Umrah Package (5 Nights)

5 Nights | $695

5 Star Luxury Umrah Package (7 Nights)

7 Nights | $795

5 Star Luxury Umrah Package (10 Nights)

10 Nights | $995

Hajar Travels Luxury 5 Star Umrah Packages

Alhamdulillah, we were able to provide you with the BEST UMRAH EXPERIENCE at an affordable price. Hajar Travels Luxury  5 Star Umrah Packages offers all Muslims in the United States the opportunity to make their Umrah journey at the most affordable rates possible.

Hajar Travels’ 5 Star Umrah package maintains its pride, with all of the amenities and convenience of travel. This 5 Star Umrah package for Holy Ka’ba pilgrims is excellent for families and older persons. It offers reasonably priced 5-star hotels close to the Masjid-ul-Haram and Masjid-un-Nabawi.

Hajar Travels not only provides five-star accommodations and the most lavish hotels to stay in, but we also organize visas, transportation, and other necessary details to ensure that you have the best possible experience during your visit.

Hajar Travels strives to deliver the most comprehensive Umrah packages possible. Our 5-Star Umrah package includes 5-star accommodations in Mecca and Medina (City view Basic) at well-known international hotels with 3 or 4 additional beds/Sofa-type beds (Triple / Quad Room) and more as needed.

5 Star Umrah Packages 2024 from USA

The acquisition of an Umrah visa is included in our 5 Star Umrah Packages, along with Meet and Assist services. These amenities are included in Hajar Travels’ 5 Star Umrah package, including an exact ticket schedule on the finest airlines.

Our 5-star Umrah package is unique in that it allows our valued clients to choose their package. These features will enable you to select and arrange the time of your Holy pilgrimage.

This option is beneficial for older citizens who cannot travel and stay for a longer period due to their health.

The number of days included in the Executive Umrah Package varies.

The 5 star Umrah Package comes in three different lengths: seven days, ten days, and fifteen days. If you desire to remain longer, the days can be extended, but not for more than 30 days. We provide premium services, from hotel booking to transportation.

Aside from these services, we offer other additional amenities to Almighty Allah’s guests, such as an Umrah guidebook that will assist you in doing the Umrah with its essence because we value client pleasure and comfort.

Our 5 Star Umrah package includes all initial arrangements for the visa, ticketing, transportation, hotel bookings, handling service, medical cards, and much more, so you may do your Holy spiritual obligation without any stress or weight of arrangements.

Why should you choose Hajar Travel’s 5 star Gold Umrah Package?

We have a variety of precisely planned 5 star Umrah package offers for holiday seasons, different lunar months with nice weather, varying lengths of time with long weekends, and particular events with public holidays.

Extreme engagement in the holy work of Umrah will bring you greater spiritual advantages than being distracted by inconveniences and difficulties caused by a lack of amenities. You can perform Umrah better with all of the amenities at a high-end level, plenty of luxury and comfort. Hajar Travel provides a wide selection of beautifully designed 5 star Gold Umrah Package that contains all of the luxury amenities to meet this demand.

To design your own 5-star Umrah package, we allow you to choose the length of your stay in Makkah and Medina, a 5-star hotel of your choice from a list we provide, premium airline flights, and transportation choices of your choice.

We also employ our sophisticated real-time booking system to include planes with luxurious cabin seats and unmatched amenities in our 5 star Umrah packages.

These 5-star Umrah packages also include fast Visa processing and transportation in a luxury sedan or SUV, courtesy of our connections with premier transport service providers in Saudi Arabia.

Safety and Health

Get helpful health and preventive advice. During your life-changing journey, take advantage of knowledge on the best ways to treat diseases.


We at Hajar Travels ensure that your Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages are both safe and enjoyable. Our travel specialists enjoy assisting customers in choosing the most satisfactory mode of transportation.


We process your visas with simplicity as a Ministry-certified agent. Here you will find detailed information on all Saudi Embassy requirements, as well as easy-to-understand graphics.


Visit the historical ziarats and environs of the two holy towns. Visit sacred sites and learn about their significance. We have everything in place to make the pilgrims’ stay as comfortable as possible.

The Umrah packages we provide are well-planned and well-executed, ensuring your peace of mind on your holy journey from the United States to Saudi Arabia.

We guarantee the finest air travel, luxury accommodations and are also in charge of booking flight tickets for pilgrims traveling from the United Kingdom on the dates of their choosing.

Allow Hajar Travels to become your Umrah package 2024 acquaintance, and we will make your Holy pilgrimage simple, pleasant, and unforgettable.

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